Sunday, February 26, 2006

Welcome to the NetBoots

We've all heard about the Netroots, but there's a movement to translate online talk into something more tangible: grassroots activism, blogs empowering "boots on the ground" politics. NetBoots.

At our sister site, Vichy Democrats aka VichyDems, which began shortly before the Alito filibuster and was active in that fight, we post on two related but distinguishable topics: (1) articles and links about the Vichys, DINOs, triangulators, accommodationists, Blue Dogs and other marginal Democrats that sometimes just need to reminded what they stand for and other times drag the Democratic Party down; and (2) detailed "Game Plans" that empower people to take action, including talking points, strategies, links to other action groups, and the most detailed contact information available on Congressional representatives, newspapers -- whoever we're trying to inform or persuade.

Here at NetBoots, we hope to streamline things by hosting and posting ONLY the second of the above -- the Game Plans. The same information will always be cross-posted at, and we encourage people to visit there early and often. But sometimes folks just want to cut to the chase and take action. If you're one of those, we're not gonna stand in your way. Want to know what you can do to reclaim American democracy (and Democracy)? Don't want a lot of talk cluttering up your commitment to taking action? Want to continue the momentum that drove us all so compellingly during the Alito filibuster fight? Then this is the place for you. There always will be a Game Plan underway here, so any time you feel the urge to make a difference, swing by, see what's currently underway, and dig in.

You'll be glad you did, we'll be glad you did, and together we will change the world.




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